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I liked the show today too. Wonderfull scene between Victor and Caroline and RB plays sleazy so well. Trent is really awfully one note character so no wonder he will leave soon, but he and AZ really plays off each other well. The France was nice too, I quess now we will see Nick and Melanie trying to made some plan together to rise the money. Btw. is there anyone who knows for what are Stax held behind the bars? First I thought itīs just temporary arrest (because itīs still the same day), but now it looks like there is some real charge too. I quess these froggies just doesnīt like some stinky americans rising troubles in their beautifull city. :)

I still cannot get used to how good Melanie Layton is. She is a newbie and this was for sure her first week in the soap acting job ever and she is already fully in the character. What a great find!

But my favorite part today were Kate and Daniel. What a chemistry and sexual tension. I loved the scene, I loved how Kate leaned closer and closer and still pretended everything is perfectly innocent. I liked the way the writers turned one the most used soap cliche (letīs talk again about that big secret we never can talk again about) and used it to move the story forward. I loved when Daniel actually started questioning Kate WHY she is doing it. Nice inner joke, especially for us who survived the years of all Reillyīs characters doing the same all the time never wondering how stupid it is.

The interaction between Phillip and Chelsea was very done too and I actually really like her new do. Oh, and Kate/Daniel hug TWO times at the end? They can hardly use the weīre just friend excuse now.

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