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WOW! Because I said the in Rachel Melvin's thread(About her recent blog) that how the members should read that blog since they like to trash her and Kristen Alfonso about their weight... I said if it was Dee Hall, or BD they were trashing, the mods would have killed them all alive. What do you know? I cannot post anymore! Do I care? Nope!

They can all rot in hell. They will all get there karma and I hope they enjoy every second of it.

And I don't give a shit if they are reading this - They should read the petition and see how many people they have pissed off.

Btw, LOL, the petition is beginning to sound like the Jossip thread - LMAO
I read one of the mods stalked another member because they trashed a certain couple. This mod used this users IP to find out where he/she lives at and they sent them threatening emails. WOW!
You see, they learned alot from Marlena. She's good at these things.
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