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Aug 26 2008, 01:15 PM
Good points.

Was anyone else reminded of the post-pit story story scenes? The way Marlena described how afraid she was of Stefano and what was going on yesterday reminded me alot of after she was rescued from the pit. She had that one scene with Roman where he turned out the lights or something and she freaked. Yesterday wasn't as dramatic but it was just as effective in terms of us getting a sense of what Marlena felt and where's she's at right now.
Yes, I did think of those! I was just looking for it on YouTube to post here but it's not there anymore. (I used to have it favorited lol.) Those were very much the same type of scenes, where Marlena was in the hospital dealing with what had happened to her, and where she was so affected emotionally that we could see it reflected in her physically as well. And interestingly, the aftermath of the pit was when John and Marlena became closer, even in the hospital.
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