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Aug 24 2008, 07:21 PM
I am also an average viewer - an average viewer who also dated a man much older than myslef. Had it not been for fate in the form of an auto accident, that much older man would've been my husband and I am delighted to see this kind of romance brought back to Days in the pariing of Daniel and Chelsea. I love watching them and I have many friends and neighbors who also find them to be a refreshing change in that they fell in love with each genuinely and over time, like a true romance always goes. I am a mature adult, 52 years of age, and I think this couple is fabulous. I have taken to suporting them in any way I can and I will continue to do so.

I applaud Dena Higley for having the courage to write this story and stand firm insupport of it and I also applaud Ken Corday for having the gumption and old-fahsioend nerve ro air it. Bravo to both of them.

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See, this is what bothers me about "the average viewer who loves Chan" who reads boards. So many automatically ASSUME it's the age thing that's got the so-called "haters" DOTW panties in a knot. My husband is nearly 10 years older than I am. I can't stand Chan. I've read posts from others with older spouses who do NOT like Chan.
If you read some of these posts here and elsewhere, people are talking about the maturity issues, the issue of Dan being relegated to SuperDoc right off the back, the sporatic writing, the almost anvil-like bonging on the head...........
For the OPPOSITE reasons you're thinking, I wish folks would get off this damn age thing. It's NOT all about the age. It's the whole mish-mash changing of the writing and attitude and direction to make us "love" this couple and more signs of the folks in charge not knowing which end their rear is facing.
For example, I think Nicole is hot with Victor and is hot with Trent. (If Trent only had a different personality). It's because of Ari Zucker AND the fact that Nicole is more worldly than Chelsea is. It just works better. Chelsea still reminds me of a teen with a crush playing girlfriend/boyfriend. I don't care if she is turning into super therapist. (She must be getting her degree from the same place Lexie got her medical degree.....Zipthrough University).
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