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I think that Nicole and Kate are being written by the same stupid woman.
Both are pretty loose in the guy department, have had multiple partners, but one time they sleep with one dude with seemingly no strings attached, and now both are acting like these guys dumped them like garbage and they are broken hearted.
Acting like they have never had a one night stand before. Like these guys owed them something.
It is out of character for both women...I think.
Did Kate and Nicole really fall in love with these guys?

I enjoyed the Melanie/Nick/Max/Steph stuff yesterday. I am so sick of Steph in that damn dress with the big ass bow. I bet she can't wait to get out of it! She's been wearing it for the past month!

Hate Chelsea's little attitude with Phillip. Who does she think she is lecturing him on what her dad did. She needs to take that crap up with her dad. I am looking forward to her finding out that Dr. Daddy, er Dan is banging grandma! I love it when Chelsea is taken down a peg.
I am not a fan of the hair! It doesn't suit her face. But hey, I've made my share of hair mistakes, so I'll let it go.
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