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Aug 27 2008, 11:11 AM
Aug 27 2008, 10:48 AM
I'm tired of the EJ character but losing James Scott would probably hurt.
The character of EJ is popular .... if nothing else this character has the "buzz"

Look at these sony polls!

Which character/actor would you miss the most if they left Salem?
James/EJ is leading in the field of the younger characters ....

Phillip/JKJ 12 17.14%
Lucas/Bryan 9 12.86%
EJ/James 26 37.14%
Chloe/Nadia 1 1.43%
Sami/Alison 12 17.14%
Nicole/Ari 6 8.57%
Stephanie/Shelly 1 1.43%
Chelsea/Rachel 3 4.29%
Morgan/Kristen 0 0%
Max/Darin 0 0%

Do you like the character of EJ?
Yes - Love Him 90 64.75%
No - Still Hate Him 37 26.62%
No opinion 12 8.63%

Similar poll for Lucas!

Do you like the character of Lucas
YES!!!!!!!!!!! 59 45.74%
NO!!!!!!!! 54 41.86%
On the Fence..... 16 12.40%

Note that on the sony polls you can only vote once! and the Sony board has been in the past a very pro-lumi board.

My guess is that TBTP would like to keep James!

Madison's Belle and Ashford's Jack also created plenty of buzz.

For all we know NBC is going to make Days cut budgets, big time and I can't blame them. Advertising is based on ratings and with Days doing so very badly, I would guess that they are making a lot less money on them as in the past. So if cuts are needed, I doubt if anyone is truly safe.

I've never made any pretense about my feelings for EJami, I like EJ with Nicole. However, I agree that the character is neeced to help fill out that age slot especially a DiMera's. Scott's popularity should, should help him but none of us know the warped way that Corday's mind works especially if Scott is open about his dissatisfaction with the show.
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