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Aug 27 2008, 07:13 PM
Sounds like a lot of behind the scenes turmoil for a show that has already had its fair share. “There isn’t anymore,” downplays Corday. “What was perceived as behind the scenes turmoil was basically a mountain being made out of a molehill and I had to very quickly put a stop to that, and that has been done.
Huh? If it wasn't a big deal, why did he have to put a stop to it?

“I have a very fond remembrance of going to New York with him on January 3 1980 and DAYS was inches from cancellation. Gary came up with story literally overnight in his hotel room and the show was saved. That was 28 years ago, but form there, I realized that this guy could write. Never knew he could direct or produce until he did. He has certainly paid his dues around the industry.
Ok, that does sound good! But... if the guy can write, isn't he not supposed to be writing? I mean... why mention that? Though the more writers available with Dena around, the better!

The strike ended and the show continued to go up
It did? We're back now to where we were with Sheffer.

and then it seemed as though there were different points of view as to what the show should be doing and where the writing should be going and I had to choose one.
Sooo, he chose the writer who gave them 1.9's?

He chose Higley’s. “I feel very positive, only because Dena will not be second-guessing herself now,” notes Corday. “She will not pulling punches to make anyone happy but herself and the viewers.
Herself? Well that's sweet. Is that what she's being paid to do?

And something tells me the happiness of Dena and the viewers are mutually exclusive.

I'm glad her self-confidence will go up. Though I can't see how that would happen unless she doesn't look at the ratings. Though maybe the fact that she already has a new co-head writer will help her feel better? Oh wait...
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