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Aug 27 2008, 08:03 PM

I realized a long time ago that the best way to watch and enjoy soaps is to STAY AWAY from spoilers. I hardly ever read spoilers and I enjoy the show much more that way.

ITA! I have been spoiler free since February of 2008 and I've enjoyed the show but, I haven't been enjoying the show in over 2 months now. It suck, plain & simple. I've lost interest in the show & I HATE that. I want to start watching DOOL again and I keep forcing my self to watch one episode and I just end up changing the channel. :(

If I had Corday's power at DOOL, I would have put a stop to the spoilers. Spoilers are killing a ton of shows these days. And If anyone of the actors wanted to play diva and go spill spoilers to SOD & company, they better start looking for a job at SOD because I would literaly fire someone over that. Suspend or stuff like that. I don't play. Corday can play with them in the playground, not me.
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