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Aug 27 2008, 08:31 PM
And by the way, Ken. What Dena wants is definitely NOT what the majority of DAYS fans want. Dumbass.
You know, from what Dena said, she wasn't down with the autism thing...so that train wreck can't be blamed on her. Maybe that was Ed. And didn't Dena promise a great story for Nick, which never came to fruition, so may be Ed cut that out for some Chan pimping or something.

Maybe Dena has been bulldozed by Ed to write the things he is pushing, and she just couldn't do it and do it well and we have seen the effect.
Given the chance to write her own stuff on her own without Ed's influence might make a difference. I'll give her a chance.

She had written that she was working on something for the Olympics and those were the best two weeks out of the summer. Maybe that was her stuff.

**so don't beat me over the head, guys. Just giving the woman the benefit of the doubt. Never hurts to smile around here, ya know.

Oh, and Mason, did Shannen Dougherty get some work done or did she just age. She looks so different from her past 90210 days. I hate to think that she aged because we were similar in age when the show aired so that means I must have aged that much too. Then again, I wasn't drinking and coking it up in the late 90s either. Did you hear that Kelly's 4 year old's dad is Dylan! Love me some Dylan.
Sorry OT!
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