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Aug 27 2008, 08:55 PM
Aug 27 2008, 08:50 PM
Aug 27 2008, 08:47 PM
You know, from what Dena said, she wasn't down with the autism thing...so that train wreck can't be blamed on her.
When did she say that?
In her last blog Dena said something to the fact that the show "approached" her about doing an autism storyline since she had some experience with it, and she would never push her own agenda by insisting something like that be done.

In another post, she said that the execs push her to write things that she wouldn't write beyond her comfort zone, and she was proud that she is able to come through with something that she could be proud of.

I always got the impression from her blogs that the autism storyline was not what she wanted to do.
Thanks! Found the quote:

And now I'm getting ready to go back to NYC to do the TODAY show with Renee and Jim and talk about the Autism storyline. I want everyone to know that NBC came to me with this story idea (props to Rebecca McGill and Bruce). This wasn't my initial idea. I would never presume to foist my own agenda on the public. But with a nurturing environment, our writers are going to go to town to write a pretty powerful story. And Renee and Jim are beyond great and ready to commit body and soul to this story. How fabulous is that?

Sounds to me like it wasn't her idea, but she was behind it!

Check out this interview as well - sounds like she was fully on board with the story, though it was NBC's idea. There's another interview I read somewhere that I can't find at the moment where Dena discusses how she inserted several scenes which were actual events that happened to her husband and herself.

But regarding the story's being NBC's idea, I've read about past successful Days stories which were not the idea of the writer... and the stories were fabulous. Talented writers can do very well with material which started as somebody else's idea. So I don't think Dena gets a 'free pass' on this at all.
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