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What's funny is that Martha Byrne is *younger* than Beth Ehlers. Byrne is only 38 (will be 39 in Dec.) while Ehlers just turned 40. Byrne is also actually a full year younger than Noelle Beck. One thing to keep in mind about hiring is that some performers don't even try for another soap once they leave their long running roles (at least not right away). REG, I believe, has been very busy with stage work. I think she's currently on Broadway as part of the final cast of Rent. Some performers simply change course with their lives and start on entirely different careers. Maybe Byrne hasn't actively sought out another role and is focusing on her music career. Just because *we* think they should be on another show doesn't always necessarily mean *they* want to be on another show. Just playing devil's advocate and throwing that out there. lol
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