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First of all it's the Sony board, it means shit. Second, why did you post a poll about Lucas when the discussion was about James/EJ?
Sorry Sin - did I miss something - do you hate the character of EJ and like Lucas? Why the severe tone????

As far as Sony polls (well it can't be spammed) and why Lucas (just for comparison)
Actually, yes, it can be spammed. There are posters that tend to show up only for polls, then disappear. It happens with a variety of fanbases. Also, it's not that tough to come up with multiple usernames with AOL. Yes, it happens.
I don't put much stock in Sony polls at all.
Sony polls I think are just as good if not better than other polls - why one vote per person - you can't sit there and vote over and over spamming it - plus these threads with polls - also allow posters to post why they feel the way they do.... I tried after being banned to get another user name ... they not only shut me down they banned that user name forever.
Were you using the same computer?
Some of these tidbits are quite different than what I've heard from others who were there, but thanks for sharing, it's interesting to see how people's accounts of the same events can vary so much.
EJ/JS is not going to make or break the show, and EJ hasn't been some ratings juggernaut for Days. However, he is my favorite character and actor so I hope that he'll continue with the show. I'll be one bummed viewer if TPTB can't work something out!
I'm hearing tidbits too. Funny thing is, I was actually at the event LOL! It's interesting to hear the spin when I heard most the info first hand and witnessed some things that told me that without a doubt, James is a hot commodity.

I won't share any of the info I heard, but I will share an experience I had with some non-fanbase viewers.

I was in the bar at the Marriott hotel where the event was held, hanging out with some of my friends from FL. Anyhow, I needed to exit the bar for a few minutes. But before I could, a woman who sitting with five of her friends at a table asked me if I had been at the afternoon session. I told her that yes, I had. They were from Rhode Island, had the cutest accents (although they laughed at me for mistaking their accents for Long Island LOL and for even suggesting that they had accents -- me being from California, I had the accent). Their ages ranged from about 50 - 65 years old.

Wanna guess who the subject of their first celebrity question was?

James Scott.

"OMG, you met EJ? OMG, is he as handsome as is he is TV?"

"Is that accent real?"

"He is such a dreamboat. If I were younger . . . oh who I am kidding? My speed is more like Tom Horton."

"Did you touch him? Did he touch you? OMG!" (He did. I have the photo to prove it!)

They were acting like excited teenagers. And these definitely were not people who surfed the web. They were longtime fans of the show and they seemed to have no problem enjoying EJ or his storyline.

This conversation continued for awhile. I sat down at their table and had a great time talking to them about my experiences. I found out that most of them had been watching Days since day one. They told me about the Hortons, Doug and Julie's saga . . . it was quite fun to hear the history. Their next favorite character was Thaao. They seemed very pleased with the return of the DiMeras.

I guess the point of my post is that James is probably more popular than we on the web realize. When I returned home, every person who is a fan of Days asked me if I met James Scott. It was always the first question. And of course, they wanted to know if he was as "dreamy" in person as on television. Now I can't claim this is scientific or anything like that. Just my observation. But I can guarantee this -- there was no spamming in this poll LOL!!!

Oh yeah, to answer the question about his looks . . .how can I say this? Reports of James' physical beauty have not been exaggerated. He's stunning. And he's a gentleman. It was such a positive experience to meet him. Actually, all of the stars there were pretty cool.
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