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Bo arrests Stefano and prepares to face the music with Internal Affairs over tampering with evidence in the Paul Hollingsworth case. Peter Reckell discusses Bo's latest plight.

SOW: Bo shows up at the mansion when Stefano returns to reclaim his home and arrests him. What are the charges?

PR: The police believe Stefano had something to do with all the goings on at the hospital - the kidnapping of baby Joe, the lock down, the gassing (via the ventilation system). Bo arrests him and brings him in for questioning.

SOW: Unfortunately, Roman gets a call saying the DA won't be filing charges against Stefano and ordering the police to let him go. What is Bo's reaction?

PR: He's furious. Everyone is outraged. It's finally coming out that Stefano might have some connections higher up in our city politics. So (he and Roman) are going to try to track that down.

SOW: Bo prepares to be questioned by Internal Affairs about stealing police evidence. Is he nervous?

PR: Yes. In all the conversations Bo and Hope have had about this, they realize their lives, Bo's career, his pension, everything, is on the line because of this.

SOW: Is Bo regretting what he did to protect Philip?

PR: No. He isn't having any second thoughts about what he's done. Family has always come first with him.

SOW: Philip shows up at the station before this goes down. Why?

PR: Bo asks him to come in, because the police have found Paul (alive). Philip's point of view is that everything is fine now, but Bo and Morgan are like, "No, it isn't," Bo explains as he still withheld evidence. Even though Paul is not dead, the fact that Bo withheld evidence is against the law.

SOW: What is Bo hoping as he goes into this Internal Affairs meeting?

PR: That they see there was a reason for what he did; that it was because Philip is his family. And, as it turned out, Bo's actions really didn't affect anything. Bo's hoping he just gets slapped on the wrist.

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