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Viewing Single Post From: SOW: Marlena to John: I want a divorce

Aug 28 2008, 11:10 AM
This worries me too. It seems like the wishy washy waffling that occurred all summer just reversed.

Sounds like he's going to hound her like she did to him over his memories all summer and now she's going to another guy to get away just like he did with Ava.

John shows some interest in being more like 'old' John, and she suddenly wants to date someone else? Separating I can see, but Marlena has never been a person who just dates. I would think she'd want space to be alone and get a grip on who she is before she does anything. She hasn't even filed for divorce, and she's dating? I was so hoping they'd found Marlena but sounds like she's awol again.

I do NOT want a quick reconciliation with John. I want angst and turmoil and pursuit and growth and commitment and all that good stuff. But keep Marlena a little in character this time...

I know I probably should be happy with J&M on the screen, but I'd like a good story. Sounds like we're back to the pre-Olympic writers who were responsible for the long boring summer. They are so one dimensional. Seems like they can't function without a triangle, and they run a story into the ground with one character pursuing another (J&M, EJ/Sami/Lucas), then just flip flop it and think that makes an engaging story.

Excellent post. I completely agree with all of this.
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