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Aug 28 2008, 12:07 PM
Aug 28 2008, 11:20 AM
Aug 28 2008, 10:17 AM
Thanks Jonatha!

"The hardwiring Stefano had done to John starts to short circuit. John starts experiencing physical, emotional and intellectual side effects. He's not ready to be treated by a psychiatrist, especially Marlena, so Kayla starts to help him. Marlena realizes there may be hope to bring the old John back, but it's not so easily done."

Too bad Marlena can't treat him, if only because in 1986 and 1992 when she treated him, it led to their becoming closer. But either way, "Marlena realizes there may be hope to bring the old John back" sounds good to me! And there's no computer disk mentioned! :smile:
Well phooey... I just posted on how annoyed I am that Marlena will be dating and we're going the triangle route again, and this pops up...

Ok, no phooey. This actually does sound interesting, and I want to be excited. I want John to be more like 'old' John and hope this will explain his behavior and get him on the comeback trail.

I still don't get how dating Trent fits in unless John kills Trent while short-circuiting, but whatever. They can have him go to trial, jail, get involved with some internal world plot stuff at prison, narrowly escape, go on the run with Marlena, save the world, who knows. (j/k)

I do wish Marlena would treat him again. I loved how she helped him in 86 (best year ever!!!) too. Maybe after Kayla handles something physical (like a chip), then he'll need Doc as a shrink. :)

YAY, no disk mentioning!!!
LOL I posted the same thing, but the difference is that this is a vague 'fall preview' which sounds like it could be good, and the other thread was a specific article about next week which imo sounds awful. I do like the mention here of 'Old John's' returning, and I love that the computer disk doesn't seem to be anywhere in sight. Whether the writers can pull this off without continuing the trend of character destruction remains to be seen. I know Higley can't, but who knows, maybe her new co-head-writer will handle this and even do a good job?? Stranger things have happened in Salem!
Yeah, I went back to delete my post, reread, and I agree with my comments, so I left it and went for a walk, lol. I'm very worried about Higley. I just know what she did with OLTL. I just hope Tomlin is good and can get in before she can do too much damage.

I'm gonna try to focus on 'old' John coming back and no disk too. :)
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