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Aug 29 2008, 02:04 AM
These sound GREAT.

So many characters involved and, surprisingly, more detailed yet still vague, which is how to do these. This has to be the first Corday given preview I like.

The Bo and Hope stuff sounds great. I still love Abe's spoiler and the Dimera story sounds delicious.

Glad Kate has an illness. I hope they tie it back to her health crisis in June or maybe her health crisis in the past that went nowhere. I'm so happy Chan is done. I had the feeling it was given there was no hype and promotion for them but I wanted to make sure. Glad they see the sparks with Daniel and Kate too.

Looks like the Morgan/Philip/Chloe/Lucas/Sami/EJ/Nicole stuff won't be as big a focus, which is good. Wonder what the catastrophic yet happy event is. Makes me think it's a wedding gone bad or something. I wonder if this somehow ties in with Ali's maternity leave. Interesting...

J&M sounds very good. We all know Trent will be killed but I like the sounds of the spoilers involving Steve, Bo, and Hope here. Chelsea/Nick/Melanie sounds great too.

All in all, I'm pleased by the sounds of things. Sounds like there is a vision and direction here at least.
I swear to god it is demented in DOOL land.

Brady and that John-nameplate-fainting at the police station...WTF happened to that lil nugget?

And you're right-- I was boycotting-- but didn't Kate already have a big, bad illness?

Eh, if you aren't at the DiMansion, hospital or police station, you'd better be looking at the clauses in your contract, I guess.
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