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Aug 29 2008, 02:45 AM
Well, after what he says to her tomorrow, why would she want to be close to him?

She told him Monday and Wednesday she wasn't interested and was ready to move on and then tomorrow she kind of opens herself up to him again and his behavior afterwards closes the door...again. It makes sense for her to feel that it is, indeed, over now. She said she was through at the hospital yet she still sleeps with him and ends up getting hurt again. Then John continues to push so I can see why she would want to prove a point and try to get John to back off. Trent is there and it comes together. I really don't see the issue. It makes sense. Marlena made the decision to move on for herself yet she gives John yet another chance, sleeps with him, and he screws up and hurt her again. She now has to try to push him away or else she can never move on, hence the Trent issue.

Do I think she wants to move on? No. I think she's made that clear. I think she just feels like she needs control over her life and this is the only way to do it. The whole thing with Stefano and Sam made her see that she had lost her way. She's trying to get back her life.
I get what you're saying, but then we should probably discuss it again tomorrow after the show's aired so we can see exactly how it plays out. I thought in one of the magazines it said that Marlena goes home with him afterwards? Meaning, whatever stupid line came out of his mouth was a momentary setback, but not enough to negate the new closeness they're feeling.
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