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Aug 29 2008, 02:47 AM
Aug 29 2008, 02:32 AM
Aug 29 2008, 02:04 AM
These sound GREAT.

So many characters involved and, surprisingly, more detailed yet still vague, which is how to do these. This has to be the first Corday given preview I like.

The Bo and Hope stuff sounds great. I still love Abe's spoiler and the Dimera story sounds delicious.

Glad Kate has an illness. I hope they tie it back to her health crisis in June or maybe her health crisis in the past that went nowhere. I'm so happy Chan is done. I had the feeling it was given there was no hype and promotion for them but I wanted to make sure. Glad they see the sparks with Daniel and Kate too.

Looks like the Morgan/Philip/Chloe/Lucas/Sami/EJ/Nicole stuff won't be as big a focus, which is good. Wonder what the catastrophic yet happy event is. Makes me think it's a wedding gone bad or something. I wonder if this somehow ties in with Ali's maternity leave. Interesting...

J&M sounds very good. We all know Trent will be killed but I like the sounds of the spoilers involving Steve, Bo, and Hope here. Chelsea/Nick/Melanie sounds great too.

All in all, I'm pleased by the sounds of things. Sounds like there is a vision and direction here at least.
I swear to god it is demented in DOOL land.

Brady and that John-nameplate-fainting at the police station...WTF happened to that lil nugget?

And you're right-- I was boycotting-- but didn't Kate already have a big, bad illness?

Eh, if you aren't at the DiMansion, hospital or police station, you'd better be looking at the clauses in your contract, I guess.
Nothing happened to it because it was nothing more then John being reminded of the past as Roman in a vague sort of way.

As for Kate, she had to have surgery. It's wasn't major. She got kicked in the stomach area during a self-defense class. I can't recall the name of the condition she had though. She had another medical crisis in 2001 though where she was bleeding and having cramps and they ended up dropping the story, which I hated because it had potential.
What about Brady and the big concern...bringing him back to the US?

On John, the mind-numbing inconsistencies of the past six months have been mind-numbing, so I will take your word! :)

Thanks for 411 on Kate.

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