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Aug 29 2008, 01:58 AM
Aug 28 2008, 08:13 PM
The reveal just sucked, I love Rachel Melvin but I wanted more out of her. I wanted to see Chelsea slap the shit outta Kate right away because she at first didn't know it was before her and Daniel got together. The execution of this reveal has been pitiful if you ask me.
I think you hit the nail right on the head as to why it did suck and that is RM.

We know she hates Chan ending and that she probably saw it coming so I tend to think she's phoning it on, much like last summer with TTS.

I'm just glad it's over with Chan. Now I can actually say I'm enjoying most of the show LOL.
The only time I ever thought RM was phoning it in was when she was opposite Marcus Patrick (I still shudder at the God awful "dock scenes" we had that lasted for days). I really couldn't blame her on that because...well the guy just seemed incrediably creepy to me.

Now I am wondering what is up with her. I've seen today's show already and it's weird her reaction (she does a silent thing at the end which is pretty good). I'm not sure if they are trying to play up maybe Chelsea just feels numb at this point or what. I could buy that from other characters but we've seen Chelsea react in such situations before, so it makes no sense for her to be taking it so well. If anything you'd think she'd be even more upset then last time since she her feelings for Daniel are further then they were then for Nick when the Nilliesex revealed. Especially since we know RM was nominated for an emmy for similar scenes and they would jump at the chance to let her repeat her performance to add to the awesome work she did on the pancreas story.

One thing that disappoints me on RM isn't that she is sad to see Chan end. It's that she seems fine that Chelsea was written so piss poorly. I'm sure the idea of moving up to more mature storylines appealed to her, but it shouldn't have come at the cost of what made her character so endearing and now many have been turned off to Chelsea.

I also wonder if she is just outright insulted that viewers clearly preferred Daniel with a woman who is supposed to be a grandmother on the show over her. I do think she had every right to get pissed at the guy at the bank (whom she blogged about) but I do find it pretty coincidental that many fans always pick on her thinness.
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