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I do enjoy seeing some of the recent actors that have guest appeared on the show though some were too short lived. Trent is a slime ball and Mel is turning out to be just as big a loser. Just what we need on Days is another empty headed over sexed party girl. Golly aren't Chels and Stef enough? I can handle Chels better that Stef though. Back to Trent... he is a low life sponge as I see it and I'll just bet he is after Nicks hard work not to mention bedding Nicole. Slimy, yes but somewhat interesting only because I want to know more about him and Nicole not to mention his past with Max's mother and who the mother of Mel is. Sadly as I see it though Trent is in a bind and he has one foot nailed to the floor and is going around in circles. I want TPTB to give the man more rope so he can really hang himself.
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