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Steve Frame
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From what I have read in the past Ann Marcus had a hard time at Days even though she did win an Emmy. She was more or less forced to use Pat Falken Smith's outlines which she along with Betty Corday got sued for.

So she never really got to use her stuff.

I had forgotten about Griffin at first but I googled him just now and he was the one that diagnosed Alice's cancer in 1977.

"Alice and Tom had to share the grief of their eldest daughter's diagnosis of leukemia and in 1974, things got worse when Addie was hit by a truck trying to push her pram with Hope in, out of the way. In 1977, Alice was shattered when she discovered that she had cancer from Dr. Walter Griffin. Alice's faith in God was tested greatly, everyone was shocked as Alice was a good and honest woman and it was surprising that this could ever happen to her as a good Christian woman. However, Alice's son Bill (who was a doctor) discovered that it was mis-diagnosis, as Dr. Griffin had been too hasty as his wife died from cancer. Later in the year, Tom had a heart attack and Alice's daughter Marie who was now a Catholic nun, returned home to care for Tom, this left Alice jealous, but Alice managed to overcome the envy."
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