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Mods do not necessarily have to see IP addresses to "stalk" members of the NBC Dool Fan Board. Many members, if not most, use the same id or name on other boards. if the said mod went to those boards it is not inconceivable for them to make life difficult for particular members who they were in disharmony with at the NBC Fan Board.

All and all, I am just astounded that opinions on a soap are not upheld and that there is not a third party arbitrator for which members can appeal the decisions of the moderators at the NBC DOOL fan board. The NBC Dool Fan Board is after all for and about all of the soap....that means the good comments and the bad comments...

I think there is a huge issue where members voices are censored by the removal of thier posts and the moving of their posts to less prominant areas on the site...depending on what fanbase they are in support of. Dissention or rather a fruitful debate, inspired by the storylines of the soap and its characters should be for one and all and there should be no area of the soap which fans are unable to discuss....discussion is what makes the soap stonger not to mention the over all appreciation of the form and substance of the medium. As well, NBC as the network that airs the program Days of Our Lives has an over all fiduciary responsibility to ensure that we the members of that site are treated in a fair and equitable manner. That being said I do not think that that fiduciary responsibility is being carried out by the moderators of the site.

I am sorry Rake that you have been banned, I think that you can only enliven sites...it is truely a sad day that you are unable to post there.

I am firm in my resolve that we should now up the ante and start writing the NBC Execs about the travesty called moderation that is occuring over at the NBC Dool Fan Board.
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