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Steve Frame
Aug 29 2008, 06:40 PM
Oh I had no real problem with Pointer or Woodville except for the fact they seemed too old for Marie - well to me.

I could have not seen either one of them play the transformation of Marie that Lanna Saunders did when she first left the convent and got involved with Neil.

I remember them dressing Marie like she was still in the convent. All of her blouses would be buttoned to the top button, and she wore her hair in like a bun. I remember one scene where she was dining with Neil and he reached over and unbuttoned her top button and then let her hair down.

It was a great way to use that in the story and transformation of the character.
I totally agree that the other two actresses wouldn't have been right for that story with Neil or even Alex Marshall for that matter! Lanna Saunders gave Marie a vulnerability that Kate Woodville didn't have and I couldn't see Pricilla Pointer projecting not to mention the ages! I couldn't even imagine Marie Cheatham doing those scenes at that point!
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