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Grandpa Hughes
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morlock sevigny
Aug 29 2008, 10:05 PM
Grandpa Hughes.

The characters you are referring to are Dr Walter Griffin and his daughter Patty,played by William H Bassett and Cindy Fischer.

These were Ann Marcus characters,right?

She seemed to introduce a lot of characters that went nowhere:

Karl & Sharon Duvall

Fred & Jean Barton

Days already had so many characters at that time.
YES!!THANK YOU! I knew it was the actor and I had "Fred Griffith" in my mind when it was Walter GRIFFIN! LOL! Now that you named Cindy Fischer, I can remember Patty! Man, I don't usually have problems remembering characters or actors from that era but those two really did go nowhere! I probably got the Fred from Jean Barton's abusive husband! I DO remember them and their son and that storyline! The Sharon and Karl Duvall storyline got squashed IMO because of Sharon's attraction to Julie! I don't remember a Bi-sexual or Lesbian storyline ever being shown on Soaps before this and it pre-dated the AMC storyline with Donna Pescow which is always called the first time Daytime Tv approached the subject! I remember Sharon being played by Sally Stark and that the character attempted suicide when a horrified Julie rebuffed her advances!
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