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Shove your crappy show where the sun don't shine, Corday!

Why the hell did Bo HAVE to even be involved in cleaning another one of his rich coward brother's messes? :soapbox: Phillip is so fucking PATHETIC and full of himself!! And of course Phil is such an IDIOT to boost! He REALLY thought that everything would just be honkey dorey about this?

Does Phillip REALLY even have ANY kind of concept of what this could REALLY cost Bo? And all Phillip can muster up is "oh well, things will work out eventually as long as it's not my spoiled ass on the line." WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I DO like that Bo and Hope have something to do ONSCREEN other than being cheerleaders for Bo and Billie's bayou stillborn bastard, Roman and his BITCH Kate or gushing / fighting over sHELLe but gawd, Phillip?
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