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I thought the John/Marlena scene was weird. John walks in, Marlena is cold, wants him gone, almost has him kicked out, he is acting like he owns her/wants to protect her, he can't seem to say anything right, she really wants him to go/doesn't seem like she wants anything to do with him....then he says something and she fawns and next thing you know, they are screwing on the sofa?
I thought the lead up was confusing as I didn't see it coming at all.
I thought sensational was cute, and when he said "I knew I would win" or something like that, I just cringed. I can see why Marlena doesn't really like him.
So are they are couple or not? Marlena agreed to stay with him ONE night? Yeah, right. John isn't going to believe a word she says after this.

EJ and the comments about the shirt are hilarious! He looks like he was about to bust out of that shirt...and when you saw him in the foyer of the mansion, he looked like a bum. Which was refreshing. THat man is always in a suit, so it was neat to see him in flip flops.
Seems like EJ is one step ahead of John and Stefano. Tony just doesn't seem to get it. Loved Anna.
This Dimera conflict with a 4 egomaniacs should be so awesome! Can't wait to see what happens with them all.

Whoever said that RM is phoning it in with the Chan breakup is right on target. The whole reveal has been a let down, and RM isn't doing it justice. I guess you could say she is being mature, but this is Chlesea we are talking about.

All in all, a good show.

I am about to evacuate (live in New Orleans and a big hurricane is coming) so God knows when I'll be back or get to watch the show again. I hopefully will be able to log on and read recaps for next week so please keep 'em coming and detailed. I don't want to miss any of my Dimera action!
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