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There's a way to do this kind of story on Days, and a way not to do this kind of story on Days. If Theo's autism fit under a bigger umbrella, I think it would work better. But as it stands, it's so isolated, and so "not-really-a-story", it doesn't work. You can't just say "Theo's autistic" and call it a story. You need the set-up, the reveal, the fall-out, and then the explosive finale that moves you into the next storyline. But this isn't really a storyline - it's just a PSA. A sentence, really. Theo has autism. And that's it.

By the way, I am IN NO WAY diminishing anyone who has autistic children out there (or anyone who is autistic themselves). I'm just saying that the way the story's been presented to us this summer... well, it just isn't a story, never mind a story Days fans are accustomed to.

When it starts having a ripple effect on those around them - like, say, something happens between Theo and Ciara while they're playing, and Bo and Hope don't want Theo around their daughter anymore, and Abe/Lexie start to think they have a bias against Theo, and it drives a wedge between the friends, blah, blah, blah... you get my meaning... THEN it starts to become a "story". It's just right now, it only seems like "And now we cut to the black people for our Public Service Announcement"...
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