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It's just as bad with the college brats. Where I work, about 3/4 of the staff is college kids. Of course, there's a rule about being on your cell phone at work (puhleez! I work in a fine dining restaurant. there is *nothing* job related that a server needs a phone for) and they all want to bitch about not being able to use their phone. At any given time, these kids are covertly texting, holding their phones down by their sides and trying not to get caught. What the hell is so damned important that you have to text your friends at work about?! I've only had a cell phone about 3 years now and the only reason I got it is because I did the math and realized that a cell combined with cable internet would be cheaper than having my landline with dsl. I do carry my phone with me to work, but I put it on silent (*not* vibrate). Half the time, I forget I've got it on silent and it's on silent for 3 or 4 days before I remember. In the last year, I think I've used *maybe* 11 hours of time on my phone. I've never understood what's so important that you have to be in constant touch with your friends 24/7. I don't know *anyone* I want to be that much in contact with. lol
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