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Steve Frame
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I get a cell phone for one reason - traveling.

When I get ready to go on a trip I buy enough minutes to take with me. then every month I buy a few and put the cell phone in my car's glove compartment. If I get stranded somewhere then I can use it.

I do not give my cell phone number out to anyone. When I worked as manager the company gave me a cell phone to use. And I had to keep it on all the time. Now my cell phone is never turned on until I get ready to use it.

I have always had one philosophy - when I leave home I leave home. the phone stays there. If people want to get in contact with me then they can get in contact with me then.

People lived on this earth for upteen years without having to worry about if someone needed them while they went grocery shopping.

I heard a psychiatrist give a lecture a few years ago and he said that his colleagues in the profession have talked about this for years and believe the main reason that more people have nervous conditions and need more and more of the psychiatric drugs today is because of all the technology and new innovations that put more stress on people lives. He said in his speech that just say in comparison to 75 years ago a man will hear more in 1 minute today than the average man would have heard or known about in a whole month 75 years ago.

And that is so true. We have more to worry about today because we know more about what is going on. Before what people didn't know didn't worry them and didn't affect them. Also people had the chance to escape - now they just hop in their car, take along the TV, the video games, and the telephone and it is just like being at home - just in a smaller place. All the worries of home are still right there with you even while you are trying to escape.
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