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I know I'm a little late to the party here, but about Friday's show, I actually thought the J&M scenes were constructed very well. The beginning parallel scenes with J&M served to illustrate how vulnerable and scared each was. John was running around the hospital shouting at everyone because he couldn't find Marlena (lol at his "sorry for my lack of SOCIAL SKILLS" line to Lexie), and Marlena was flashing back to the attack at her house after her receptionist merely suggested Marlena might want to go home. Then, Marlena's patient made Marlena focus even more on the fact that she has to take control of her life now. I thought the use of the 'paralyzed' analogy was a nice touch. When John finally found Marlena, Marlena was more determined than ever to tell John she wanted to start fresh without him, and John was more determined than ever to protect Marlena. Their argument escalated perfectly, with John's breaking down first and telling Marlena how much he cared for her. I liked Marlena's line about "It's too late now" - she knew that by giving in to John, she'd be going against her decision to cut ties with him. But then when he opened up to her even more, she realized that she cares for him just as much as he cares for her. The next step really did seem like a hug and then a kiss, and that's exactly what happened. As for the couch, lol - it had been established that J&M are physically attracted to each other, and where they had just talked about what happened in the tent, I thought it made sense that one thing led to another and that's where they ended up.

The performances were also first-rate. I was cracking up as Marlena asked John if he'd considered this a challenge to him, and he said, "YES!", then quickly changed that to, "NO!". Drake and Deidre have such good chemistry, and even in the argument scene before J&M kissed, John's halting, serious tone was a perfect match for Marlena's fiery accusations. They could not have played it any better.

Also, for the J&M aficionados out there, the dialogue contained multiple lines reminiscent of 1993 and 1986 scenes. Oh, and did anyone else notice at the end how John took the cigar from the box and put it in his jacket pocket? Too funny.

As for the rest of the show.... kudos to the little guy who plays Theo. Very talented kid. I liked the preschool scene with Chelsea and Theo very much - Rachel Melvin's performances always seem so natural. As for Tony and Anna... I've seen this discussed elsewhere, but I liked 'nicer Tony', not Andre. I hope the writers aren't turning Tony into a villain again.
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