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Grandpa Hughes
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Steve Frame
Aug 30 2008, 08:55 PM
Oh I know what you mean Kenny.

Our high school was built brand new in 1970 and included the graces 7 through 12. Today they have less students in the school than even I did when I graduated in 1983. For 30 years the school had one parking lot which served the needs of the school very well.

8 years ago they built a brand new middle school here and moved grades 7 to 9 over to the middle school - cutting the size of the staff in half.

But now they have to have 3 parking lots to serve the school because every kid now has their own car. And they aren't old used cars like most of us drove when I went to school. You look at the student parking lots over at the high school now and that is not but 2 or 3 cars are the over 2 to 3 years old. They are all 2007 or 2008 models. I look at it and go what the fuck. And half these kids don't even work - it is just handed to them.

My wife and I paid the down payment on all 3 of our kids first cars and gave them the money to start their insurance and paid the first 3 months. That is the same deal my Dad made with me. If it was good enough for me it was good enough for them. I paid the rest of my car and all 3 of them have paid the rest of their first car. They appreciated it a lot more.

My youngest daughter's best friend is 20 years old. At 20 years old she has totalled 4 brand new cars already, and every time she does her Dad buys her a new one. She doesn't even try to take care of them and will not even slow down her driving. And even at 20 now she has never had a job. She is enrolled in college but only goes to class if she wants too. She flunked out last semester - didn't care. Her father just paid her tuition for this semester again.
Even what YOU did is incredibly generous, Steve! I mean the down payment and getting the insurance ball rolling! I wish I'd had that opportunity as a kid! I think a lot of it is parents who want their kids to have it better than they did! I know it's the case with my siblings and their children! Their lifestyles are so different than anything I could have imagined as a kid! They all DO have the latest gadgets and brand name this and myface that! You can't blame the kids for eating that stuff up with a spoon when they are raised to expect the best of everything! But the point that started this whole ball rolling IS about "disposable income"! The income of most young people who are friends or family in my life is income that their parents are handing out! So in a lot of cases, the people who are about to hit the dreaded ignored older demo are funding the ones the advertisers covet! Of course there are exceptions and I still see kids who are working several jobs and going to school but the pressure to "keep up with the Joneses" (a phrase that dates ME!) is incredible! I see so many peole being judged on what they drive and where they live and in some cases it's people MY age doing the judging! And we begin to judge and price our way right out of the picture! And raise children who are, in many cases, in for a VERY rude awakening!
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