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Grandpa Hughes
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Aug 31 2008, 06:40 AM
Aug 30 2008, 08:59 PM
Aug 30 2008, 08:23 PM
Kids these days are spoiled bastards. It still baffles me everytime I see a 14-year old whipping out their cell phone in a store. I'm like... really? Do teenagers really need to be instantly accessible 24/7? Do teenagers really need to have camera phones so that they can snap photos of their pre-pubestant tits and send them to their horny pre-teen boyfriends whose public hairs are barely sprouted?

I remember the days when it was strictly against the rules to chew gum in class or write notes. Now, all the brats are texting and sending photos and calling each other on vibrate and it's just like... what the fuck? Seriously. What the fuck?

Parents these days spoil their kids so much, I just wanna smack the shit out of them and scream, "This is why your kid's a HATEFUL BRATTY SLUT! Open your eyes!"
I think that once this next generation comes to power, I'm moving to a deserted Pacific island because they are going to screw up this country big time, I just know it.
Its all starting to kick them in the asses. Gas prices and rising personal debt is going to be a big problem and the kiddies aren't going to be able to stay unprotected. This is the first time in a long while that the under 30 crowd has to face economic uncertainty and they aren't going to like it. I for one won't shed a tear for them or their parents.

Back to the article, what this doesn't address though is that shows are still watched but in a different way. Lots of the younger crowd watches shows on line via official websites and you tube. I give it 10 years before our tvs are just giant computer screens and we watch via the internet.
I agree about the Tv thing! I find myself watching Y&R and B&B online more and more and would probably watch DAYS the same way except that I'm not clear on accessing that show! The NBC web site doesn't offer full episodes but I heard something about I Tunes! I don't have working tear ducts but I WOULD shed a tear for the kids who get slammed by the economy! NOT the parents so much because it's the parents who have conditioned the kids to EXPECT a lavish lifestyle and haven't prepared them for hardship! Of course I'm generalizing and this isn't true of all kids or parents! I also feel like I'm living up to my screen name because I sound like an old Fuck writing about "These Kids Today!" LOL!
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