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Salem's New Mayor Plans to Shake Things Up

Six years after Matthew Borlenghi concluded his role as Brian Bodine, he's returning to daytime. Starting September 18, the All My Children alum will join Days of Our Lives as the Mayor of Salem, where he promises that the new guy will be "shaking things up." Borlenghi gave TVGuide.com the scoop on what we can expect from a character he hopes viewers will "love to hate," who he'll be romancing and how long he'll be in office.

TVGuide.com: As you get ready to arrive at Days of Our Lives, what can you tell us about your new character?
Matthew Borlenghi: All that I can tell you without ending up in the principle's office is I'm playing a dicey mayor, Anthony Marino, who may be a bit unstable, and is coming and shaking things up in the Salem police department. The question is really to what end? What's his motivation? Whether he's doing things for the good of Salem, or for the good of Anthony Marino.

TVGuide.com: In what ways will he be unstable?
Borlenghi: Maybe a little bit psychologically, certainly in as far as his motivation and the way he treats the high ranks, the upper echelon of the department. I think he's a big fan of his power.

TVGuide.com: How much have you shot so far? Which characters are you impacting the most so far?
Borlenghi: I feel comfortable saying that right now, what I've shot so far, is having fairly substantial impact on the Brady family and Commissioner Carver.

TVGuide: Will there be any romantic interludes for the Mayor?
Borlenghi: I am completely head-over-heels in love with myself. Anthony Marino loves himself, loves his power, loves his suits.

TVGuide.com: So are we going to be seeing you in lots of power suits?
Borlenghi: I really dig the character because it's so outside of myself. I'm a jeans and t-shirt guy. I'm having so much fun with the writing and being able to be this guy that hopefully people will love to hate.

TVGuide.com: Is there anyone you're modeling this character after, especially given the time of year?
Borlenghi: I can't really say I have modeled him on anyone. I've just gone into my own idea of what would fit the little nickname I've given him, which is "Mayor Smarm and Charm."

TVGuide.com: Do you know how long your character will be on the show?
Borlenghi: At this point, he's making an impact on lives and careers, and I just don't know if he's going to have an impact that's large enough to necessitate him staying around long-term. The more I see of the material, the more I see him getting more deeply involved in what I consider to be the major characters on the show. So, that can always optimistically mean that they're going to need him around.

TVGuide.com: With all of this going on, do you expect to do more producing as well?
Borlenghi: I'm just ready to buckle in to this ride and ride it out, whether it's five months or five years, I'm really happy right now with doing what I'm doing. Everyone should be so lucky.

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