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Ok, I'm in my twenties but I do agree that parents are spoiling their children and even worse they want to be their FRIENDS and not their parents.

I don't believe that you should allow your child to have any of the following in their bedroom: TV, phone, laptop/desktop, video games.

How are they going to concentrate on their homework with all of those distractions?

There should be one computer in the house, in the living room, for the whole family to use. Parents should block the content their children have access to. They also need to block the access the children have access to on the TV(s) in the home as well.

I could understand giving a child a cell phone at 16 for emergencies, etc. It doesn't have to be an expensive one, it can be one of the free ones.

As far as cars though, that's up to the family and their income. But I don't think a parent should continue to pay for their child's college tuition if their grades are bad and they're not taking it seriously. Let them quit and find a job then.
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