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Aug 31 2008, 11:20 AM
Chemistry between Daniel and GRANNY? Somebody is smoking somy funny cigarettes. No one has chemistry like Daniel and Chelsea. They are made for each other. GRANNY is a wahed up old whore who can't stand the thought that Daniel chose Chelsea over her. It takes no effort at all to see that from the beginning GRANNy has been working on a set-up for Chelsea to "accidentally" find out what happened between her and Daniel. She figured if she kept on seeking Daniel out, calling him, etc. that sooner or later Chelsea would overhear and - guess what - that's just how it happened.

Daniel and Chelsea are very different but it is their love celebrates thoes differences. There has not been a couple like this since Doug and Julie. They bring an old-fashioned love story back to DOOL; family ties and they love intertwined with those ties is what this show was started on and the love Daniel and Chelsea have for each other epitomizes that. It is a delight to watch this story unfold and iI really hope that Ken Corday, Bruce Evans, and the rest of the writers and producers at Days see waht they have in this couple and the story they are telling. They need to simply ifnore the ramblings of those whose sole purpose in life is to complain; it will take minimal effort to do that and the benefits they reap from supporting this warm and wonderful couple and the story surronding them will be worth its weight in gold.
Wow, you're so, so...........diplomatic. Not. :huh:
I can just see it....someone who is anti-Chan making the funny cigarette comment, and the big uproar ensuing about bashing Chan fans. I'll just chalk your making that comment to you having difficulty with people disagreeing with you and having difficulty with people who do not chant the Chan mantra and worship at the Chan altar at which you worship. And by making comments like that, you certainly aren't helping the negative opinion quite a few people on the boards have of the Chan fanbase in particular. You might want to consider that when trying to influence people towards your viewpoint.
For the record, I think Daniel and Kate have chemistry. I do not smoke. I haven't had a drink for weeks, and the last pills I took were three weeks ago for pain due to surgery. I am educated, lead a clean life, and am thinking coherently. I thought Chelsea's attempt at the little Victoria's Secret seduction was rather pathetic. My opinion, formed under no drug influence whatsoever.
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