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Jawn and Nicole.

They would work. :D
Please no. If all the characters on the soap are killed off, and only John and Nicole are left, I'd rather them kill John off. I will never get the image of Nicole with Victor in the back seat of the car. I can't stand her with anyone I care about.

(Not that I want John with anyone else regardless. He and Marlena belong together forever, to me)
Ha, that's funny. I don't want them together because I think Nicole is kicking total ass, and my opinion of John is going back to what it was.....very negative when he's drooling over Marlena. I can't get that horrible Tarzan image from Friday out of my brain.
Lol, I can't get that Tarzan image out of my brain either, but probably for different reasons. I thought it was perfect 'new John' reaction to incredible happiness. He couldn't contain himself. While I don't love new John's personality (don't hate it either), I thought that was a hoot. I was lmao.

I'm glad we agree with that there should be no John/Nicole, lol.

For the record, I also don't want John drooling over Marlena. I hate how the writer's have changed Marlena into someone who cares more about John's memories than him as a person. I'd love to never hear the word disk again. I'm hoping they both change and move back to each other as distinct individuals with neither being a doormat, like they were in 86. I don't like sappy J&M, but I do love it when they love and respect each other.

I'm sorry. I thought it was just sad and it made me sad because he was right back to the John I didn't like with the Marlena I don't like....the love scenes. It was right on par with the scene at the beach where Belle caught them, and he lifted both his legs straight up in the air (and the camera was viewing from his feet angle). Just.....I don't know. So we will have to disagree. And the whole thing was just too stuck in there. And, I guess I feel sad because, as much as I dislike Marlena, I dislike the whole "she was a conquest" thing. Basically, he played her like she played him the other day. It's not working for me at all, and I cannot stomach crap like that just to get a couple together, even if I DID like them as a couple (which I don't). I'm trying to be very objective about this whole thing. And I feel, despite my bias against them for various reasons, I'm being as fair as I can be. And, if that puts me in a minority, so be it.
I'm just curious to see how Dee Hall and Roscoe Born relate together. Sometimes I feel like I can enjoy Marlena and John apart more than together. Once upon a time, I loved, loved Marlena Evans. (30+ years ago). She was my favorite character. Those scenes with Dee and Andrea made me very sentimental. Seeing a woman who is supposedly a psychiatric specialist with her own issues (DEEP) issues about relationships, stability, and being in control of her own mind is disheartening. Yes, psychiatrists have their own problems, but sometimes I feel in real life, this woman's license would have been revoked.
OK, I'm ranting. I know. But, they just don't work for me. I found the whole scene pathetic. :unsure:
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