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Aug 31 2008, 05:24 PM
So, in other words, people who chose not to attend this event don't count? Is it possible that those people who like James Scott are the ones who chose to spend money on this event? That the folks who attend did it BECAUSE they liked the actors who attended?

I'm thinking that just because one went to this event, doesn't mean this is still a good demographic of opinions either way. There are folks like me who don't live close, don't have the time, money, or choose to spend their money elsewhere. So, that voice is null and void, I take it?

I will grant you James Scott is a good actor. I like his acting. I like the potential for EJole. But, these altars to the shrines of mere mortals who just happen to act on soaps really get to me. I'm sure he's a perfectly lovely person. But, he's not Ghandi. He's not going to find the cure for cancer. He's talking about his job, which, as we've found out lately, can be a temptuous as a catboat in a hurricane. (To quote Marcellus Washburn).
And, yes, I've met soap actors before.
I apologize if you got that impression. That wasn't the purpose of my post. I was sharing my experience.

I'm a fan of James Scott. I have been from day one, I ain't going to lie. And yes, I did chose to spend my money not only to see him but to support a charity that I believe in. I think it's amazing that he has been able to weather many storms and last on a show infamous for getting rid of people at the first hint of controversy.

I didn't say he was going to cure cancer or that he was Ghandi. But was I excited to meet him? Of course! I'm a soap fan and I think he's fantastic actor (my own opinion, I don't expect anyone else to share it) and I think he's a damned fine looking man. I gushed about him. I kind of thought that's what fans generally do, get happy to meet the ones they adore on a television show. I've gushed elsewhere about meeting Thaao, Brandon, Bryan, Darin, Matt and Lauren (I didn't get a chance to meet Nadia unfortunately). This was my first encounter with soap actors, but not my first encounter a celebrity event. I attended the Kennedy Center Honors a few years back and met a few people in the biz and I have a relative who is a high-profile person in business and philanthropy, so I do have a teeny bit of a handle on reality believe it or not. But the soap event was a far more approachable situation from a fan point of view than the other event.

I did say, I think I did at least, that my conversation with other fans was not scientific. It was my observation. I posted it here so it's up for anyone to question it. If I went overboard, sorry, but I couldn't help it. I'm a fan.

But no, I wasn't trying to say that opinions posted online aren't as important, or null and void, as those expressed by offline viewers. Maybe it read that way, but again, it wasn't my intent. It's hard to know what is the right thing say. Perhaps the best route is to keep my opinions to myself.

I do plan to attend another event in the future because this one was so fun. But I'll refrain from posting about it, at least here. I had a great time. That's the short story.
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