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I enjoy hearing people's experiences from the fan events so I hope you all keep posting! Of course, you view the events through your own filter because of your favorites, and that's fine and to be expected. Gush all you want about James, Bryan, Thaao, whoever....that's the fun of these events, where you get to meet the actors in person. And honestly, it's very hard to gauge the popularity of any one person with Internet polls or reaction from fan events because it represents just a small portion of the viewers. I'm sure James Scott is very popular across the board because he's classic leading man material, but I'm also sure Bryan, JKJ, Peter and all the other guys have a huge number of fans. Same with the ladies....I myself have always loved the character of Sami, but I have been amazed to talk to friends and family who watch DAYS and hate her--and I mean really hate her, not love to hate her. And during the Kristen/Marlena rivalry, my mom, a dedicated Marlena fan from the time the character was first introduced, was appalled that I was a huge Kristen fan and the more trouble she caused, the more I loved her. So, as they say, different strokes for different folks!

Please, all of you keep posting your stories and tidbits from the events because I will probably never attend one, but I love to hear about them. I'm living vicariously through all of you!
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