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I agree. Kids these days shock the hell out of me. I work in retail and I see the teenagers and the parents and it just floors me.

I'm only 22 and yeah, I was partially spoiled growing up but I didn't even drive or own a car until I was 18. That's also when I received my first cell phone. I just moved out after turning 21. And let me tell you folks, I worked 12-14 hours a day at a fast food restaurant until I moved into retail. I busted my butt. My first car was given to me (it was my grandma's car for years) but my next car I paid for it, 200 bucks a month for two years.

I did spoil myself, in a way. I've got a decent cell phone, a computer that's only about a year and a half old, a nice flat screen television, an iPod, a TiVo, a laptop. But NONE of it was just handed to me. I paid for all of it (well, credit cards helped, but we won't go there, I'm still paying for that).

I just missed out on the REALLY spoiled age of teeny-boppers. I just shake my head at the insane Miley Cyrus crap, Jonas Brothers, The Hills. I mean, REALLY? All of these garbage reality shows do not help anything either. As morbidly entertaining as they are, they're SO graphic (I'm talking MTV/VH1 reality shows). I mean, at 22, I don't even enjoy them.

I also don't understand the text message, talking all the time thing. I guess I'm lucky as a lot of my old friends live elsewhere and I myspace them every couple of months to see what's up. I work with two of my close friends and live with my other two close friends so I'm lucky I don't go through the phone thing, although even If I didn't live or work with them, none of us are the type to talk 24/7 like that. I mean ... REALLY?

One of my buddies, Nick, is dating this girl who's just ALWAYS around, even to the point of annoying HIM. I mean, the need to be around someone 24/7 is becoming ridiculous! Is it just me?
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