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Sep 1 2008, 08:01 AM
Aug 31 2008, 05:33 PM

I don't mind, because your posts are well thought out, too! You don't try to make people feel like they're stupid or wrong just because they don't agree with you. ;) Shoot, if more Jarlena fans wrote like you, I might be more tolerant of them! :D
Lol, thanks! Most of my family is into DOOL, and we don't agree on quite a bit. We really enjoy the discussions.

On a somewhat related note, my sister is a diehard Lumi. She adores BD. He sounds like a super nice guy in RL, but old sis and I have never managed to like Lucas. (nothing against BD - I wish he played a more likeable character). Lil sis knows we don't care for him, but we've always been amicable about it.

What little sis didn't know is that older sis has started liking EJ and has been converting me to dark side. We used to all hate EJ. When lil sis started talking about Lucas and the custody case and then inevitably started laying into the evilness of EJ, we bit our tongues figuring a family get together is not the place to mention our small change of heart (we're not diehard Ejami by any means).

What does my husband pop out with after lil sis brings up a certain EJ issue? 'That really wasn't rape....' So of course, I say 'James!' and glare at him. He comes back with 'What? You're the one whose always talking about it. It wasn't rape. It wasn't rape.' yada yada. If looks could kill, my husband would be dead now. It really was tense for a few minutes, but in the end, we had a fun debate each bringing up the past. It was actually a LMAO evening with my brother and our husbands jumping in egging things on with what little they knew of storylines. I think lil sis really is a bit upset with us. She made quite a few robot digs all night. She knows we hate that, lol. She tolerates J&M (or did before last night) but they don't really float her boat either.
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