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I was at the fan event in Burlington, in fact I was there the night before to attend a private fan dinner that Thaao agreed to do for his fans. He had wanted to meet us and thank us for our help and support over the last few years. I was so thrilled I finally got to meet him and he was everything I thought he would be. He is charming, gracious and very welcoming. Just like meeting an old friend. Oh and drop dead gorgeous too! He gives the most awesome hugs and they were the talk of the Fan Event. He even went and got Bryan and Matt to join us at dinner and he was treated to traditional Greek Dancing which we all joined in and learned to do!

At the Fan Event the next day Thaao's lines were long and his pictures sold out first! He was so open and gracious with every fan and each one got to experience those great hugs! From what I have been hearing he has gained alot of new fans and him and James seemed to be the most popular there. I found every one of the actors to be very friendly and gracious with every fan and I enjoyed the entire weekend. I do admit I would not have gone to this if Thaao wasn't going to be there. Meeting the other actors was an added bonus.

My meeting with James was very exciting. The man is extremely gorgeous and so sexy. Love his accent too! Told him exactly that and he just gave me this sheepish grin and said thank you. I asked if he minded if I got a picture between him and Thaao! WOW! He said of course not and tapped Thaao on the shoulder and said this lovely young woman would like a picture with us. Thaao turned and saw me and said you again LOL! Then he jumped up on his chair as a joke to be taller than James and James yells at him YOU CHIT! Thaao got down and I got a very nice picture with them.

I have a very good experiance at this event and would consider doing another one in the future.

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