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Friday was a very good show (Yes, I know I'm really late LOL)

I enjoyed seeing Tony and Anna back and loved them moving in. Love Stefano's stuff showing up and the end with the phone call. I didn't think Tony was acting like Andre at all. I just think he wants to change things. He wants the empire to be what he thinks it should be and he is sick of being tied to something that evil. Loved his scenes with EJ and the interaction with J&M at the end.

Plumb was pretty good. I wouldn't mind seeing more of her or more of Marlena with her patients. One thing I regret is the dropping of Victor and Marlena's sessions. I feel like focusing more on Marlena without John or any guy is needed right now. Focus on her profession and her children. The Marlena I saw in the scenes with Plumb was the Marlena I love. Strong, independent...I just loved when she told John she didn't need him. The use of Plumb's character was clever. I like how it reiterated to Marlena what she must do and the paralysis angle was a nice touch.

I did like John's scenes with Lexie and his desperation to protect Marlena. The scenes in the office with him and Marlena were good and I did like his "sensational" line. His reaction and her's were hilarious. I'm not a love scene person so I could care less about that. Enjoyed the scenes nonetheless.

Kate/Daniel/Chelsea was a waste. Glad it's done. The only time I felt Melvin's performance was in the last scene with Theo. She was good there, as was the little actor playing Theo. I must admit that ending a Friday episode on that scene bothered me until I looked back at the episode as a whole and found that Theo saying "Ouch? and Chelsea nodding, saying "Big ouch" was a way of tying the episode together. Chelsea had her heart broken, Stefano returned shattering the aspirations of John/Tony/EJ and worrying Anna, and Marlena was hurt again by John. It kind of fit so, I guess I'm saying the end scene made more sense after I thought about it.

Good way to end an ok week. I have watched tomorrow's episode and I will say it was REALLY GOOD!!
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