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I'm with you all.

I have two nieces in college and another niece in high school and a nephew in Jr. High. It's insane. There are 13 year old's carrying Blackberry's. Teens will go to parents at 12-13 now and justify needing a cell phone so they can always be in touch or in case something happens, which are valid reasons but we all know damn well it will be used for mostly dumb reasons. I always laugh when I sometimes have to pick up my nieces or nephew and there are these kids texting, not even looking where they are going as they cross the street. One of them will be killed one day. I just don't get texting. Isn't it easier to just call someone? It takes more time to type something out, especially on a phone. I just don't get it.

And don't even get me started on the Jonas Brother's and Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus shit. Sure's it's like Britney Spears/N Sync all over again but it seems too extreme now. way too extreme.

And these are who the execs want to aim all their efforts at. I do think they may be realizing ever so slowly that audiences are older and that teens just won't stick around for the long run. There is a big difference between the way we all were when we were younger and the way the current teenyboppers and young generation are. Many of us had more patience and were/are still loyal. Today's youth won't stick around. They wait for the next fad. They may be watching something today but once the new hit comes around, it's bye bye. That is why soaps need to realize quick that the older fans is where it's at. That's not to say you don't aim at the young demos or build for the future. It just shouldn't be the main focus. It should be what it was up until 1999-2000 when this youth focus exploded.

It's sad but, while I believe some shows are realizing what we are all saying, I think it's too late and most soaps have still yet to realize it and those that have still have a ways to go. I just feel like this cycle will continue and it's sad because it's one of the big reasons soaps are dying out.
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