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Having cell phones makes sense but where I live they aren't allowed in schools beyond your locker. If its seen then it gets taken away. A friend of mine has a great way of dealing with her kids and their cell phones. They have a plan with the minimum number of minutes per month and if they go over, they pay for it. If they don't the phone gets turned off. One month without taught them all that Mom was serious. Now they do chores and save their money and watch their calls.

I fear I sound like my grandparents but it is a different world out there. The younger generation has a much shorter attention span thanks to technology and very little patience. At work I find they cannot hold a thought because emails interupt them every 5 minutes. They want to make their fortune by time they are 25. They feel as if they are entitled to everything.

That is all crashing down right now in a much bigger way than it did in the 80's, Its a hard lesson to learn and many are going to struggle.

The entertainment industry is also struggling because their old formulas aren't working anymore and they don't know what to do. That was one reason the WGA strike was so significant because it was about the future. Networks don't need to just understand what 'kids' watch but when they watch and how they watch.
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