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Sep 2 2008, 08:50 AM
The problem is that the marriage of Lexie and Abe is beyond boring, always was, and so anything within the scope of that marriage and it's problems is going to be a borefest, too. If Higley hadn't been so impatient to get the autism story on the show she could have had Steve and Kayla adopt an autistic child. It just isn't soapy enough and even if it were she doesn't have the writing skills to make it interesting. Whoever said the promo looks like a bad Lifetime movie is right. They tried making Abe impotent and blind, that was boring, too. Celeste and Abe had better chemistry that Lexie and Abe. Now I'm boring myself just thinking about this couple.
ANY marriage in Soapland is boring unless you introduce some type of conflict, which can't happen alot of times because some fanbases get upset.

And here we go again with the "this should've been Steve and Kayla or Bo and Hope " crap. I hate to use the word crap but that is what it is. Abe and Lexie have been on this show just as long, if not longer, then Steve and Kayla. They've proved they can handle major story and part of the reason many fans don't see them and some others as viable characters or as popular is because the show continues to overuse the supercouple pipeline. Abe and Lexie deserve a good story too and finally they are getting one together that doesn't involve her cheating on him...yet. I will say I don't necessarily like them together but they have been a couple for a long time so there is something familiar and comforting about seeing them on and together so I can deal with it.

I also don't think Higley rushed into this because, as I mentioned, I doubt she even wanted this story to begin with. Something as personal as this for a writer does not get pushed to the backburner like this nor does it get any major focus. Anyone who has watched soaps in recent years knows that if a writer implements something they want, it dominates a show and gets major focus. This story hasn't even come close to that and Higley has seemed uncomfortable with it. Just look at the Green stuff. Days focused on that alot between Lumi's wedding, Green Day in November, and then all the stuff with Nick's inventions and the stuff we got in June and July. Ed Scott, NBC, and Peter Reckell all were big on the Green stuff and it got what I would say is alot of focus. If Higley was really on board with this, I think it would get much more focus and airtime, even with all the stuff going on with Ed Scott.
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