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Actually, there was alot worth discussing today. It was a great show with great use of the cast and lots of story movement.

The highlight for me had to be the Stefano scenes, especially the last scene in particular where Stefano lashed out at Tony. EJ, and John. Glad we have gotten the classic "It's good to be back" twice...once with Rolf a week or so ago and then again today. I had been looking forward to Stefano returning and taking back what was his and it played exactly how I wanted. Loved it. Stefano oozes power again and Joe is clearly having a ball. I was worried about the character coming out of hiding but it seems he hasn't lost any intensity. Loved him today and I love how so many of his foes were there when he showed up. Loved seeing the Marlena/Anna friendship on display a bit more and loved the little Marlena/Stefano moment at the end. John vs Bo was interesting too, as well as John's continued concern for Marlena, and I was glad Steve was there when Stefano got brought in so he could get some jabs in. I liked the reactions to Stefano going free. Nice buildup to what is to come. The mansion stuff was just amazing to watch. This fight for the Dimera empire is shaping up to be a fantastic story.

The cutest part of today was Bo and Hope high fiving each other after she commented on them finding Paul and bringing Stefano in. Loved that and KA looked stunning today in that sweater. I was also happy to see Hope and Steve in scenes together. Their friendship should be featured more.

Glad the Paul stuff is winding down. Linden Ashby was good today and Renton was good too. She does very well with emotional stuff and I was happy to see her spunk still there. I have enjoyed seeing her have her personality back. Good scenes with her, Philip, and Paul.

As I said in other posts, I enjoyed Abe and Lexie today but I wish we had actually saw some of the things Lexie and Abe talked about. The focus on the tension in the marriage is being done ok enough but the focus on Theo is lacking and this story is far too isolated. Having said that, I enjoyed it today and thought the little boy playing Theo was good. It was nice to see him doing more then counting and RJ and JR did very well today. This was the first time I've enjoyed all of their scenes throughout the episode since the story started so that is something to build on but there is still work to do.

Don't know why Stax were even on today as they did nothing but decide to stay in France but whatever. It was still plot movement.

Today was a very good way to start the week though. Look forward to the rest of the week.
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