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I know a lot of people will not agree, but Deidre´s acting was absolutely awfull today. First I hated that dizzy, confused, "I´m on drugs" look she had in the scenes with John and next I literally burst out of laugh with her totally fake, forced "strong Marlena" posture she had when she faced Stefano. Did she forget how to act? Even Darin and Drake are more natural and in character than her.

Now, I agree with Phoenix today´s episode showed a lot of progress and I loved the final confrontation but I quess the behind the screen fighting really showed his ugly side today because the editing was very messy. They guys in the mansion were still in the middle of the same talk while Bo managed to take Stefano to the station, interrogate him and let him go? And after never explained Paul´s escape last week we´ve got Phillip suddenly having someone watching Morgan today, all so they can arrest Paul and take him to the station sooner than the ultimatum Roman gave Bo ends. Paul´s escape combined with the ticking clock on the ultimatum coulda been a really good, dramatic event but it was all played out without even slightest effort the same like Morgan seeing Paul on the run. I´m almost afraid to said it, but this show desperately needs someone like Reilly to teach whoever is responsible for the writing how to magnify and dramatize a plot twist.

On the positive side, it was nice surprise to see another interaction between Morgan and Phillip today and I like Phillip will have now prove himself to her. I just hope Morgan doesn´t turn into another Belle keeping Phil on the short leash and wating to change him all the time.

The scenes between Abe and Lexie were very good done today too and finally the guy playing Theo showed some natural emotion. But it was really weird seeing Abe, the highest in the SPD chain command havin a nice picnic with his wife and child while all the hell broke on the station. Again, very shoddy editing because obviously Bo/Roman would contact Abe as soon as Stefano was arrested.

I too quite don´t understand why Stax were on today, but maybe they were doing something more than talking in the script and it was edited out because time. The show usually doesn´t show bedroom unless there is some action in it and the bed was quite prominent in their scenes so it was weird.
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