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I loved the final Stefano scene where he went to each member of his family and called them out. Absolutely fabulous! The best part of today by far.

Stax was just filler and the Abe/Lexie/Theo story doesn't interest me, so that was just okay for me. The scenes at the PD were bad, and I couldn't figure out why Philip was allowed to sit there and talk to Paul or why Steve was in Abe's office (or is it Roman's office now?) when Stefano was brought in. I know he was at the station talking to Hope, but he's not a cop and believes Stefano did something to his baby so he shouldn't have been allowed anywhere near Stefano. The incompetence of the Salem PD is a major pet peeve I have with this show! KA did look gorgeous today; loved her hair! She's still incredibly thin, but she looked better than she did a few weeks ago. I'm ready for Bo to grow back his facial hair. He looks younger (quite a bit younger than Daniel, which makes the Chan relationship even ickier), but I prefer the scruffier version of Bo.

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