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Cute choice of clips, Kenny.

I hated today's show. HATED IT. Back to the Salem PD and their ineptitude as the driving force of the story. There was no character development or character-based interaction, other than John's protecting 'Blondie'. (Which I liked.)

Regarding the scene where Marlena opened the door to Stefano - I have a few questions.

1) WHY have Marlena be the one to open the door if they're not going to write in lines or a reaction from her?
2) WHY didn't they write in lines or a reaction from her?
3) WHY didn't the writers have Marlena do anything but let Stefano walk by?
4) WHY didn't anyone else express a reaction of fear when they saw Stefano free, after they had previously said they were afraid of what he might do?

This moment for me was in the same league as J&M's having tea in the pub with Stefano last summer. Sorry Dena, you get an F on this.

Another 'What??' moment was Steve's lunging at Stefano in the police station. Come on. Another example of such shallow writing.

Max/Stephanie - can this France storyline please end already?

Morgan/Phillip - I don't like KR's acting at all, and I feel that JKJ is being underused. Plays out to me like a shallow story without real character motivation.

And... Abe and Lexie. As I expected, Dena "talents" are coming through here in full force. I was reminded of one of those made-for-TV movies, with too much exposition from the characters and too little plot movement. As I wrote when this story was first announced, I do not mean to take away in the slightest from what Dena Higley and her family have had to go through. But Higley is a poor soap writer, and instead of creating a boring story from her imagination, here she's creating a boring story from events that actually happened to her. Abe and Lexie had way too much airtime today, and I don't expect that to improve. The only bright point for me is watching the actor who plays Theo. Wow, can that kid take direction. This is much different than the standard "stand there and smile and let us carry you around" child soap acting. I'm reminded of Andrea Barber (Kimmie, lol) who played Carrie in the 80's. She too was seemingly able to follow complex cues and express emotion. Fortunately for little Carrie, she was involved in deep, well-written stories. Unfortunately for little Theo, he isn't.
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