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Sep 2 2008, 05:37 PM
Sep 2 2008, 05:29 PM
The show was awful all around, the writing, directing and acting. It was an atrocious car wreck that turned into a pile up with no end in sight. Truly this show rated as one of the worse of the worse which is saying a lot considering how awful the show was from June-the first week of August.
LOL! I totally agree. I forgot to mention the direction... I agree, that was awful too. I did feel bad for the director for having to deal with so many people in the living room at the mansion, but even given that, I felt the episode was directed poorly. For example, when Stefano first walked in, the camera was on Marlena, but then the camera cut away just as she started reacting. If it had been staged differently with characters in different places, that may have helped, but soaps are built on slow reactions, and the way the cameras had to zip around that mansion living room, many potential moments were lost.

Also forgot to mention Drake's scream at the end... I did like that very much. Kind of a 'real' moment in a very surface type of show.
and Stefano walks in, and says a few lines and the next scene in the Mansion, he is over on the other side of the room and Bo is hand cuffing him. What happened in between? That was stupid.
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